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The Science of Xocai Health Claims In Chandler Arizona

The Science of Xocai Health Claims In Chandler Arizona

Many people in Chandler Arizona have asked questions about the science of Xocai. “Does Xocai Have ANY Science Behind It’s Health Claims?” is a question that has been asked more than once in Arizona.

The answer is ‘Yes’, there is science behind the notion of ‘healthy chocolate’. MXI Corp has Independent Distributors world wide selling Xocai healthy chocolate for the health benefits, and while there are many things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating chocolate is certainly one of them.

Are we advocating that you run down to your nearest Chandler Arizona grocery store and buy a few candy bars for lunch? Absolutely not. There are some specific ways to know which chocolates are deemed healthy. Chocolate, after all, is a natural substance, and when it is prepared in a natural way, it can be a healthy treat.

One of the unique ways that Xocai prepares healthy chocolate is by a method called ‘cold press’. This means we don’t heat our chocolate in the process of making it, which allows it to maintain most of it’s natural state. We also avoid adding lots of sugars and other unnecessary ingredients, helping to reduce any negative impact of your snack.

Here is a quick review and some links to the science and studies behind Xocai’s healthy chocolate, and a few of the reasons why I like to see this in my business. It may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a healthy chocolate snack, Xocai is a leader and provides a great product.

NOTE that many of these studies regard Xocai chocolate, specifically, however that many are for natural chocolate including cacao or cocoa in its natural form.

First, here is a clinical study on the effects of Xocai chocolate on  Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis Risk by Dr. Eliot Brinton, MD (Chair, Cardiovascular Genetics, University of Utah) — April 2008 “Effects of Xoçai Antioxidant Supplements on Atherosclerosis Risk Factors” Overview:

Here is an audio testimonial regarding a study on Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Hyperglycemia, and HDL/LDL from Dr. Brinton: Results include:

  1. Increased vascular reactivity
  2. Improved arterial compliance
  3. Increased HDL-C levels,
  4. Decreased oxidation of LDL, and
  5. Reduced insulin resistance

…here is a link to the online paper:

There have been a few studies regarding Xocai chocolate and Weight Loss. Dr. Mike Kennedy, MD and Dr. Steve Warren, MD did a study in June 2010 regarding weight loss and Xocai chocolate, specifically. You can read the overview here: There is a video explaination, here:

The Results of the Xocai weight loss study are posted here: The 12 Week Study included 50 Participants with a Total Pounds Lost equalling 1,569.9 pounds.

Here is a PDF document explaining the Xocai weight loss study:

There are other studies, too, including raw data about Xocai’s chocolate ORAC scores and the Brunswick Labs seal of superior quality. You can read about those here:

The bottom line is that chocolate can be healthy for you, and Xocai has excellent products that will help you satisfy your cravings without adding lots of sugar or junk food to your diet. Xocai is a good company, working to deliver a good product. It may not be for you, but lots of people love Chocolate and want a good, high-quality and healthy alternative to what they might find on their convenience store shelves. Xocai chocolate is a good healthy alternative.

Join Team Phoenix today!

Call me at (480) 330-1395 to own your own the Xocai healthy chocolate business in Chandler, East Valley, Arizona, or just about anywhere in the world! 

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Chocolate Is The Market To Watch In Phoenix

East Valley Home Business All over the world, chocolate is a consistent best-seller.  Food trends come and go, but Arizona chocolate sales just grow and grow. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the following Phoenix food trends boom and fizzle: frozen yogurt, designer cupcakes, panini sandwiches, bagels, Jelly Bellys, and juice bars.

It seems like there is a new Southwestern pizza trend every month. How many different ways can you combine cheese, meat, sauce, and crust?

Chocolate, however, is a staple like bread, eggs, and milk. There are, of course, trends within the chocolate world. Some, like chocolate fountains, chocolate-covered pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries, are still going strong. Others are losing steam; like chocolate-covered bacon, for example (did it ever have any steam, to begin with?).

How many global industries have such a loyal following? Even Coke and Pepsi are losing sales because of competition from energy and juice drinks. Starbucks seemed to be taking over the world in the nineties but has closed thousands of stores in the past few years.

Clearly, chocolate is a sure investment, but here’s the clincher; there is a high-antioxidant, low-fat chocolate that chocolate lovers can eat to promote health and well-being. Though it sounds too good to be true, Xocai Healthy Chocolate is that revolutionary chocolate incarnation that health-conscious chocolate junkies have only dreamed about.

Not everyone who eats chocolate cares about the health risks of traditionally-processed chocolate. However, there are thousands of Phoenix people who are concerned about one or more of the following: oxidative cell damage, the heart consequences of a diet high in saturated fat, the evils of refined sugar, and the dangers of a weak immune system. As boomers all over the world age, more and more are cleaning up their act.

When I tell my Xocai prospects that they can continue to eat chocolate everyday if it is Xocai healthy chocolate, they order without skipping a beat. (and I am, of course, their new best friend.) MXI President Jeanette Brooks says that the Xocai philosophy is simple: replace the bad with the good.

That’s the Xocai antioxidant chocolate business plan in a nutshell; replace the bad with the good. If you want to be part of a world-class organization in a recession-proof industry, call me today: Joann Price (480) 330-1395 or email me at

Incentive Question: How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions to: eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, increase your cash flow, and build your retirement fund? The good news is you can take a giant leap towards your goals by joining our team today. Visit my website at & start earning money, eating and sharing Xocai healthy chocolate with the people you love!

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There are two kinds of people in this world…

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who get healthy and lose weight by eating chocolate, and those who don’t!

That sounds crazy, doesn’t it. Sounds too much like wishful thinking to even consider it…. doesn’t it. If it were true, why didn’t I hear about it already? All logical thoughts and questions to be sure, but what if there really was a way you could eat chocolate, lose weight and feel great, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Don’t you have some chocolate-loving friends who would choke you if you didn’t tell them about it!

Well, it’s true. Healthy Chocolate really does exist! But don’t run to the store just yet, you can’t find it there. The healthy chocolate I’m talking about is Xocai (pronounced: show’ si ; or show’ sigh). Xocai healthy chocolate is made from raw, unprocessed cocoa, that’s been cold pressed, so it’s still loaded with all the antioxidants and nutrients that are naturally occurring in this amazing vegetable.

The latest product is a revolutionary weight management system. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, or increase athletic ability, Xocai’s newest product could be just what you need. Are you ready for this? A high-antioxidant, low-glycemic, gluten-free, healthy chocolate, whey-protein isolate, meal replacement shake! It’s hard to describe, because like Xocai’s other products, this is another first. There is nothing like it. Xocai is in a class by itself. A category creator, and world leader in the chocolate industry. Xocai’s Healthy Chocolate Weight Management System is medically and scientifically sound – check out the pilot study at: for more details.

If you’re ready to change your future today, you can call me, Joann Price at (480) 330-1395 or you can visit one of my websites:;; or you can email me at

You can either purchase Xocai products at the retail price or, for a $39 membership fee, you can Sign Up as a Distributor and buy your products at the wholesale price (becoming a distributor is the key that unlocks the door to being able to make money when you tell others about Xocai).

The only thing that makes Xocai healthy chocolate better, is when you’re getting paid to eat it!

Have FUN! And be sure to share the good news of healthy chocolate with some one you love!

(MXI Corp will begin shipping the new X Protein Meal on August 16, 2010. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-in-first-out basis. There is a chance that due to high demand, that the product could sell out, in which case MXI Corp will notify you by email of the status of your order and what your options are. My advice: visit my website and place your order without delay!)

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