Multiple Income Streams In Chandler

Multiple Income Streams In Chandler

Hello Chandler entrepreneurs! I can show you how to start a home business even if you don’t have any experience. I am a network marketer who sells Xocai healthy chocolate. My business is based in my home town of Chandler, Arizona but I sell Xocai all over the world. Already in over 30 Xocai is still making inroads in even more foreign countries.

My Xocai organization has been expanding as my community is bouncing back from the global recession. Xocai sales have continued to increase for the past few years, despite the downturn.

Smart people establish multiple streams of income. Life can be scary if you are dependent on just one paycheck. If you would like to start establishing multiple income channels, I invite you to join my team. Call me today!

Joann Price
(480) 330-1395

About Joann

I am a Certified Christian Life Coach and I use my knowledge and talents to help others discover and live out their passion and destiny in life. I believe that there is no problem in life that God and/or healthy chocolate can't fix! Chocolate Freedom is my Xocai healthy chocolate distributorship. As a Chocoholic, I ate chocolate candy my whole life, until I learned about Xocai; that was in September of 2006 and I haven't looked back and don't plan on quitting! Whether you're only looking to consume Xocai healthy chocolate for your own health and enjoyment, or interested in getting paid for eating and sharing healthy chocolate with others, I would love to help you do that. You can send me a message, call me or visit my websites at: or to find out about the life-changing products & this international business opportunity.
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